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applesHumans can’t agree on much of anything, especially on the subject of health. In fact, we don’t appear to be rooted securely in any sustainable system whatsoever. Of course, that doesn’t mean we don’t try to get a handle on this.

Endlessly, we subject ourselves to fabricated systems that promise to satisfy, only to find them wanting. Governments, bureaucracies, political parties, utopian societies, religion, healthcare, education, money, unions, industrial farming, processed food, fossil fuels, even wars are all structures that feed unbridled abuse.

We invite you to join us, and the rapidly increasing number of people who are finding comfort and confidence in the system that sustains us most directly, and enlivens our spirit so graciously. That system is undeniably Nature.

True health is a state that can only be achieved in partnership with Nature. It is a condition of balance and wholesomeness where no cancer, addiction, heart disease, blood sugar or learning disorder can intrude.

This is a truth and a perspective we wish to foster, to inspire insight, engagement and change. On our site you will find original Articles as well as web links to numerous Articles of Interest on natural healing from our Resource tab. We enthusiastically welcome your feedback and your collaboration.

Let’s agree to turn to Nature for answers. It’s simply common sense.

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Anything you call disease, or dis-ease, particularly of severe intensity, is a message that your reality has been repetitively presenting to you that you have refused, refused entirely to see. Therefore, the message gets more abrupt; the message gets more forceful until it literally seems to force you to look or alright, you die. That is the degree to which a repetitive symbol can create a momentum.

So therefore, to turn it around, to use the message in a positive way, simply ask, “Alright. What must I believe to be creating this?” And if nothing comes, another approach is, “Alright. What is this absolutely forcing me to do that I would not have done before that is to my benefit?”

When you see what the symbol has forced you to do, you can then choose to do that thing, to dive into that exploration consciously, on purpose, rendering the dis-ease, the messenger of the particular idea that you are exploring, obsolete.

Once the messenger no longer has a reason, it transforms. There will be no more extraneous creations.

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  1. Acknowledgement of a belief that no longer serves you is always the first step to changing a belief. It equalizes that belief with all other beliefs.
  2. Create a belief you prefer by stating it out loud.
  3. Imagine how it feels to have this belief.
  4. Now act that way.
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Why do we suffer? And why do we accept that this is all there is? Why do we consent to being enslaved by our ill health, by our jobs, by “the way that it is”? Why do we follow with blind obedience the trends, the established doctrines and the endless propaganda? Is there no way out of this nightmare?

Imagine, if you weren’t overwhelmed by all these distractions, what would your life be like? Pause. Ahhh… You have the opportunity to think! You have the opportunity to relax, to observe and to feel, yourself! Your body is your friend and partner. You embrace your family, form bonds with your neighbors, with wildlife and passers-by. Out of the blue, you have the most creative thoughts and then make them real. You question the great mysteries and seek to satisfy your insatiable need to know. Your inner-most yearnings elicit excitement and drive you to engage. Your path is clear. You feel vital and alive.

But how on earth is this possible, for you? First, simply consider that the possibility exists. Consider, consider, consider. Nothing ever came to be without first considering it. Then you have to know precisely what you yearn for, and you have to trust it to direct you. You must really want to achieve this thing. So engage, and you will know you’re on your way.

Doubts? Simply allay them with common sense. Find support in the undeniable. Your common sense, more than just a mental exercise, resonates from your heart, the purest source of correctness that you own.

There are native societies living on this Earth, remote and aloof to our modern culture, who live relatively free and vital lives. Are their adaptations, talents and wellbeing not extraordinary by our modern standards? These peoples are our biological cousins! They are living examples of human potential free of modern spin, and free of modern dis-ease. So, what can we learn from them? Many have asked this. So can you.

You may not want to live in a desert canyon, a rainforest or on a mountain slope, but you can extricate yourself from the nagging, sucking feeling that has entrenched itself in our modern culture with the common sense that you carry in your heart.

Yes, you can heal, by honoring your heart’s desire, and following the excitement that it inspires.

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It is a commonly known fact that after WWII American food companies began to “process” food in earnest, resulting in the unique American fare of today.  Concurrently, Americans have gotten sicker and sicker with every passing year, and now genetically inferior to prior generations.

We at N.E.A.D. would like to see every American return to the natural, fresh, nutritionally dense foods that were staples to their distant ancestors.  It has been made painfully clear that no counterfeit, one-size-fits-all diet will suit the diversity of our country today.  The ultimate objective is to eat an authentic, ethnic-specific diet.

This ethnic-specific concept applies to activity level as well.  What qualities of fortitude did it take for our ancestors to survive and often thrive without modern technology?   Our bodies are the biological record of their achievements and failures.  By connecting with our ancestry, we can begin understand our own individual needs, capabilities, weak links, and what will heal us.  We refer to it as genetic resonance.

By embracing our unique genetic resonance we have a foundation on which to build our own lives, thus escaping a lackluster life in default.

America’s Founding Fathers understood these concepts and translated this imperative to honor the individual into our Founding Documents.  They trusted that it took strong, diverse, and industrious individuals to build a free and peaceful nation.  Exceptional for its time, it is common sense today.

Through a myriad of compromises, America’s suffering has reached a near fever pitch, and we’re desperate for solutions.  If Americans turn to Nature for answers, we will see many of our maladies fall away.  Gone will be the need for universal healthcare, Big Agriculture, Big Pharma, and Big Macs. 

With N.E.A.D.’s inspiration, we hope that each of you will achieve more fulfilling lives through balance and health.  We invite you to join in our endeavor, and to experience its benefits firsthand.  We suggest that you begin by researching the lifestyle of your distant ancestors, and applying the wholesomeness of what you find to your own life.

Turn to Nature for answers. You'll love the results!

Your Friends in Health,
The N.E.A.D. community

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Every American suffers with the consequences of our population’s rapidly declining health. No family, no community, no business, no kind heart has been unaffected. Undeniably, most Americans are intimately acquainted with the fact that diet and environmentally related diseases such as diabetes, cancer, heart disease, asthma and obesity confound our personal lives and daunt the capacity of our healthcare system.

This letter is intended to be both a wake-up call and a plea for help. First, before solutions can be considered, we need be aware of the multi-layered problems facing Americans.

A 2009 study revealed that 64% of adults and 19% of children are overweight, and the problem is getting worse by the day. The National Diabetes Information Clearinghouse reports that 8.3% of the population is diabetic, with an estimated 7 million undiagnosed. Overall, metabolic dysfunction accounts for 75% of the healthcare costs in the U.S.

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When you have a supply line, you go out, you reach back and you take what you need. You are tethered. It’s a continuum, as with an artery, so you have no lack. When you consume a refined sugar you stretch this supply line to a hair and it either snaps or you’re now on thin ice. You go beyond where you need to be.

You need the completeness of whole food. You cannot complete with sugar. When you eat sugar there is nothing you can do on the other end to fill in the gaps to become complete since you’ve broken the whole food from which it came. Sugar is a substance that destroys the body.

Once you’ve broken a food into a compound, you’re beyond food and into “remedy”. You have to know what you’re doing. You have to be divinely inspired because a remedy is not food. You cannot successfully break even aspirin without going into folly.

Food is a straight-line artery where you are always tethered to the source. It is not wise to stretch that umbilical cord to where nothing is going through there anymore. You become either too far from the source, you’re stretching from the source, you’re constricted from the source or your tether just snaps, or you’re so far from the womb that you fall through the ice. Total folly, stay connected.

Agave nectar – also called agave syrup, from the South American agave plant
Barley malt – derived by malting grains to change the grain’s starches into sugars including glucose, fructose, sucrose and maltose
Beet sugar – beets processed into crystallized sugar
Brown sugar – sugar crystals processed in molasses syrup
Cane sugar – from sugarcane; major commercial cultivars are complex hybrids
Caramel – made by slowly heating a variety of sugars
Carob syrup – made from the edible legume of the St. John’s-bread tree
Corn sweetener – high fructose corn sweetener
Corn syrup – made from the starch of maize, contains maltose
Date sugar – made from dried dates
Demerara sugar – from the sugar cane fields in Demerara, a region of South America
Dextrose – a corn derived sweetener
Ethyl maltol – an organic compound related to maltol
Evaporated cane juice – from sugarcane
Fructose – crystalline fructose or fruit sugar
Fruit juice concentrate
Galactan - see galactose
Galactose - often referred to as galactan, is a sugar glucose found in hemicellulose, a compound present in the cell walls of plants.
Glucose – sugar, a primary source of energy for cells and a product of photosynthesis
Golden syrup – made in the refining of sugar cane or sugar beet into sugar
Granulated sugar – see cane sugar
Grape sugar – also known as glucose
High Fructose Corn Syrup (HFCS) – made from the enzymatic processing of corn syrup
Invert sugar - a mixture of glucose and fructose
Juice – or fruit juice
Lactose - a sugar from milk
Malt sugar - created by the break down of starch and is found in the germination of grains
Malt syrup – produced from grains, especially barley
Maltodextrin - produced from starch by a process called partial hydrolysis and may      be tasteless or moderately sweet
Maltol – an organic compound found in the bark of the larch tree, in pine needles and in roasted malt used as a flavor enhancer
Maltose – see malt sugar
Mannitol – also mannite and manna sugar, a sugar alcohol that does not increase blood glucose
Maple syrup – evaporated sap from the Sugar Maple tree
Molasses – a by-product of refining sugar cane, sugar beets or grapes into sugar
Muscovado - or Barbados sugar, unrefined brown sugar
Powdered sugar - or confectioner’s sugar, powdery fine refined sugar containing corn starch
Raw sugar – evaporated sugar cane juice
Rice syrup – or brown rice syrup, cultured cooked rice and enzymes reduced by cooking to syrup, 45% maltose, 3% glucose and 52% maltotriose
Sorbitol – or glucitol, a sugar alcohol that is slowly metabolized by the body, found in apples, pears, peaches and prunes
Sorghum syrup – or sorghum molasses, made from sorghum grass
Sucrose – or saccharose, common table sugar made from fructose and glucose
Treacle - syrup created during the refining of sugar cane, commonly called “golden     syrup.”
Turbinado sugar - partially refined raw sugar cane; also known as natural brown sugar and Demerara sugar

For a list of natural and artificial sugar substitutes see:

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Have you ever wondered what your body is made of? Sure, you know you’ve got muscle and bone, blood and cells, and no doubt, not the drop-dead profile you wish for. So, what is your body, really?

Science tells us that 99% of your body mass is comprised of Earth elements, specifically oxygen 65%, carbon 18%, hydrogen 10%, nitrogen 3%, calcium 1.5% and phosphorus 1%. Could it be that we love peanuts because they contain an abundance of carbon?

Water is a harmonious manifestation of hydrogen and oxygen. Your body contains from 65 to 90% of this illustrious substance. Not surprisingly, your brain requires more than any other organ. Water conducts the electricity that powers brain function, and every other action in the body for that matter. In accord with your body’s water ratio, it’s interesting to note that the Earth’s surface is 71% water. Skimp on the water and you sacrifice your health.

Nitrogen is essential for the creation of proteins; your hair, skin and nails, for example. It is also a building block of DNA and RNA which are the codes and regulators for your cell’s reproduction. You simply wouldn’t have a body like yours without them.

Calcium is the fifth-most-abundant element by mass in the Earth’s crust so it should be no surprise that you can’t live without it either. It’s not such a bad idea to ask your bones and teeth, which store 99% of your body’s calcium, how much they need this necessary element. Ask your heart, who’s electrical and contraction action requires this abundant mineral, partnered with magnesium, how good a day you’d have without this elemental requirement.

Again, to walk the Earth you’ve got to have phosphorus. There would be no energy for your cells, any hope of cellular repair or reproduction without it.

Lesser by volume, but not least in importance, are the elements potassium .35%, sulfur .15%, sodium .15%, and magnesium .05%. Potassium and sodium are primary for nerve function, which of course includes taste. Sulfur, so crucial for metabolic function, is abundant in our favorite garlic and onions. With many finding an inadequacy of magnesium in our modern foods, we see it favored as a supplement. You can’t relax without these elements!

Making up only .7% of your body’s mass are the Earth elements copper, zinc, selenium, molybdenum, fluorine, chlorine, iodine, manganese, cobalt and iron. In proper amounts they are magnificent, but in excess, like so many things, they can work against you. Take for example fluoride, which in some form is supplemented in toothpaste, municipal water, and about 50% of pharmaceuticals. It has recently come to light that beyond its trace dietary need, it causes a crust to form around the brain’s pineal gland, the seat of creativity, intuition and your capacity to link with other realms of consciousness. This trickster fluoride is something we’re sure to hear more about.

Finally, the trace elements lithium, strontium, aluminum, silicon, lead, vanadium, arsenic and bromine, a tiny little bit goes a long way for health. Excess is abusive and even deadly.

This is not to say that you are made only of Earth’s elements. In fact, the space within your structure is greater than its mass. But that is a subject for another day.

Simple, but profound, is the understanding that we hu(mus)mans are dressed in the elements of Earth, the garb of our true Mother. Turning from her is our folly, for she alone knows best how to foster her children.

Ref: H. A. Harper, V. W. Rodwell, P. A. Mayes, Review of Physiological Chemistry, 16th ed., Lange Medical Publications, Los Altos, California 1977.


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When confusion shakes your confidence
When mental chatter dominates

When up is down creates your stress
When you’ve used all your patience

When contradiction predominates
When you question even your intelligence

When you doubt you’ll ever make a difference
When frustration afflicts your daily existence

When others achieve at your expense
When being a victim is your only defense

When overwhelm is so intense
When insecurity is your resonance

When you know you’ve made your life a mess
When you question even your relevance

When all seems lost and reeks injustice
When what was light gives way to darkness

The solution is go back to basics
To use your innate God-given senses

This natural ability is your best offense
All it takes is common sense

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